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Duck Hunting-An Outdoorsman’s Guide

Duck Hunting-An Outdoorsman's Guide

Hunting is vital to the economy of many states and regions of the U.S. and abroad. Conservation efforts and responsible hunting methods have led to a sustainable sport for many generations to come. Technology has improved to make hunting more comfortable than ever before. Throughout Canada and the U.S., ducks and geese breed or make their way to winter holding areas. Hunting opportunities abound on public and private land.

Waterfowl Hunting has been around since the beginning of time. Ducks and geese have been harvested for meat and feathers both here in North America and around the world.

There are many species of birds that can be hunted. Some are hunted specially for their plumage or meat, but it is illegal to waste waterfowl meat.

North Dakota, Louisiana, and Central California rank among the best places to hunt waterfowl in North America. Waterfowl hunting can be found in all fifty states, excluding Hawaii.