3 Archery Tips For Improving Your Aim Through Target Practice

It takes a lot of practice and dedication in order to master the art of archery. Whether you have just started or have been practicing archery for years, it always helps to go back to the basics. Here are three tips for improving your aim through target practice.

#1 Adjust Your Anchor Points

The first thing you need to do is test out and adjust your anchor points before you get started. If you are just getting started with archery, your anchor point is the exact point that you pull your bow back before you fire and release. The key is to find an anchor point that feels good and works for you, and to stick with that point.

Many people place their string pulling hand right under their cheek bone and pull the string right up to the tip of their nose. Again,the perfect point for you is going to vary. Work around and figure out what place feels right to you. You also need to pay attention to your grip; if you grip really tightly you may change the angle of your shot, and if your grip is too loose you may not have enough power behind your shot.  

Practice your grip and your anchor point before you start target practice. The more you practice your grip and your anchor point, the easier it will be to maintain them during target practice. 

#2 Find Your Right Stance

Next, you need to examine your stance. Your feet should be perpendicular to your target and they should not be spread out more than shoulder width apart. Although this seems like a simple step, having the right posture can make a really big difference. It is easy to change your posture while shooting, so make sure you check in on your posture before and throughout your target practice.

#3 Follow Through On Your Shoot

Finally, it is important to always follow through on your shoot. That means you should stay in your stance, with your bow raised, until your arrow hits the target. This habit will help you strengthen the consistency of your shoot. You should also keep your eye on the target. 

Plus, if you just put your bow down and move your stance immediately after you fire, you may move too soon and start to drop the bow down when you are still shooting. Learning to follow through and hold your position from the start will help you not develop poor habits that can compromise your shoot.

The key to improving your aim is to really focus on how your body is positioned, from how you are holding the bow to where your feet are pointed to where your eyes are looking. Everything about how you hold and move your body while you are shooting will ultimately influence how accurately you shoot. 

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