Ready To Buy A Vintage Camper? Check Out Some Things You Need To Look For

Many people today are walking into the past by collecting vintage camper trailers. Vintage trailers have a special kind of appeal. One that cannot be mimicked in today’s newer trailer campers. If you are ready to buy your first vintage camper trailer, be sure to follow these tips for helping you get one you can most enjoy.

Look For Water Damage First

Water can ruin the structure of a vintage camper, causing damage that can be almost impossible to fix. When looking at an older model camper, be sure to look at the wood for signs of rot. Look around the windows, in the corners and on the ceiling. Remember to have a look into cabinets and closets as well. If a vintage model has been painted inside, make sure to find out whether it was painted for decorative reasons or for covering up areas of water damage. If you see ripples in area on painted walls, you can bet those ripples are from water damage. Closely inspect door frames, especially on the bottom, for rotting wood.

Axle Inspection Is Important

When you purchase a vintage camper and pull it home behind your vehicle, the last thing you need is the axle on the camper breaking while in tow. Before you buy a camper, inspect the axle under it. If it rusted, you might consider asking the seller to reduce the price because it will need to replaced. Axle replacement can be costly, but making sure the one on the camper you tow is in good condition is important for your safety and the safety of other drivers on the road around you.

A Functional Electrical System Is Vital For The Trip Home

Checking the running lights, brake lights and turn signals on the vintage trailer you are planning to buy is vital for taking it home safely. Also, making sure the lights inside the camper work is important. If the interior lights flicker when you turn them on, there may be wiring issues that could be dangerous. If there is an electrical problem that needs to be repaired, discussing with the seller about lowering the price is a good idea because you will need to have it fixed.

Check Out The Propane Stove And Plumbing

If the lines going to the propane stove in a vintage camper are in poor condition, it is a serious safety hazard. If the stove does not light in the camper you are looking at, be sure to check the lines. Have a close look at the water lines coming from the sink and the toilet, if there is one. Many older campers did not include toilets. Again, if water lines need to be replaced, discussing with the seller about lowering the price is a good way to save money for making the repairs later on.

Whether you want a vintage camper for taking on the road or you would simply like to set it up in backyard as a tiny getaway, making sure it is in good condition is important. Always take the time to inspect the camper you would to buy before making final decisions about it. For more information, visit or a similar website.