Installing A Dock At Your Waterfront Vacation Home? A Few Things You MUST Consider

When you bought your waterfront home, having a dock may not have been important. Perhaps you had small children you wanted to keep away from the water, or didn’t have any watercraft. However, now that the children are grown and you have a few jet skis you are thinking of having a dock installed. To ensure you have a safe walkway over the water there are a few other things that must be taken into consideration.


If your vacation home is located in a place where the water will freeze over the winter, you need to know how much the ice will move over the season. Moving ice around the posts can cause them to shift or even break, making them less stable once it melts. If this is the case, you may want to consider a floating dock that you can pull out of the water when you are not going to be at the property. If a floating dock will not be stable enough for your watercraft, consider having posts with a flat pad on the bottom. This will help stabilize the dock but is still removable.


When you sink into the ground as you walk into the water, you have a soft-bottomed body of water. To keep the dock’s post in place, you will have to be sure they are pounded into the bottom deep enough to keep from shifting as the dirt moves. Pound the posts in until you feel a hard resistance, and then pound them in some more. If you have a hard bottom, you can use posts with pads and let them sit on the bottom. Over time, these pads will slowly be pushed into the ground as it is used.

Water Level

You want to have a dock that is always above the water level. If the levels have been predictable or stable over the past few years, build the dock so it sits higher than the highest water level. However, if the water level changes a lot, or is very unpredictable, it might be best to us a floating dock. This way your dock will always be above water.

While it is not necessary to have a dock out over the water at your vacation home, having one adds to the enjoyment of the water. You can have a picnic on it, use it as a diving board, and save yourself from having to haul out any watercraft after every use. However, you need to be sure the dock is going to stay where you put it to be safe. Contact a business, such as Kinsel Docks LLC, for more information.