A Solid Fishing Guide Always Concentrates On Safety

Guided fishing tours are absolutely preferred by many travelers for an obvious reason. Those guiding the fishing tours are able to take them where the fish are. No one likes to come back from a fishing trip empty-handed. Even fewer want their fishing trip to become a risky and dangerous affair. The safety factor of going on the water with a guide is another reason to book a tour as opposed venturing out in unknown territory alone. Adventurous travelers might choose to venture by themselves, but doing so may be a mistake. A fishing guide could eliminate a lot of problems that would otherwise lead to disaster.

The Alaskan Bear Attack Incident

In the summer of 2016, the clients who booked a fishing guide for an Alaskan trip were searching for salmon. Unfortunately, a grizzly bear found and attacked them. Amazingly, their guide was able to kill the charging beast. While this is an extreme example of what might go wrong, the story does illustrate the incredible benefit an experienced and prepared fishing guide can be on a trip. The event should also lead some would-be travelers to think seriously about their safety. Doing so may require asking the guide about:

  • The Remoteness of the Region

Knowing how far away the fishing location is from a nearby town is important if medical attention or other services become necessary. If the locale is in a remote area, determine how the guide deals with emergency situations. For example, can a helicopter reach the region for rescue?

  • The Communication from the Location

Going out deep into the wilderness does not mean being cut off from the outside world. Relying on traditional cell phones, however, may not be a reliable way of contacting someone. Thankfully, there are communication tools capable of working even in the densest and most remote geographies. Make sure the guide brings a satellite phone capable of accessing emergency services.

  • The Potential Hazards

A skilled guide will be familiar with hazards associated with a particular area. In addition to dangerous animals, heavy water currents, and falling rocks must also be known by the guide. Upon request, would the guide know how to keep clients away from these hazards as best as possible?

A guide who is able to maximize safety and comfort creates an enjoyable trip free of distractions. Talk to guides like those at Native Charters to learn about their safety protocols. Clients can spend their time concentrating on the purpose of the trip: fishing.