About Sam Wellington

Hi! My name is Sam, and I’m an outdoorsman. I’ve loved the outdoors since my parents took us on family camping and hunting trips when I was a child. I grew up practicing responsible hunting and fishing, and it’s changed the way I see the world and especially nature. I now work running a hunting lodge where I teach my clients the same values.

It’s wonderful to help people experience the magic of hunting, especially duck hunting. For people who are stuck inside all day at an office job, coming out to wilder regions in search of ducks and other wild game is like coming to paradise. It gives me the chance to talk about conservation and responsible hunting to those who might not otherwise hear these messages.

A buddy of mine convinced me to write this blog in the hopes that others might become interested in the sport of duck hunting. The more responsible hunters there are, the more nature will be protected and be available to future generations. I hope that as I share information, you might be inspired to learn a new sport or pick it up where you left of years ago. Nature is amazing, and it’s there for you!