Hunting Locations around the World

All fifty states excluding Hawaii have public areas for waterfowl hunting. Some states have better access to these public lands, and there always seems to be battles between private landowners and hunters over where a hunter can or cannot access public hunting lands. Some of the most popular places to hunt ducks in the world include the following.

Eastern North Dakota

Geese and ducks both can be found in abundance here. North Dakota lies directly in the path of migratory birds. These birds have to stop in certain areas of the state to rest in preparation for their long flight. Hunting access is easy to get, and private landowners often open their land to all hunters. North Dakota also hosts a breeding program responsible for the release of 8 million breeding ducks into the wild.

Central Valley of California

Acre by acre, Central California plays a temporary home to more waterfowl than anywhere else in the U.S. At peak season, 5-7 million waterfowl may winter here. Public access is abundant, and the area is home to some of the most productive private clubs. Hunting is intensely managed here and conservation efforts have improved over the years. Pintails, mallards, green-winged teal, and cackling geese can all be hunted here.


Louisiana is America’s Wetland. Hundreds of miles of pristine wetland coast and coastal marshes are home to millions of waterfowl. Ducks and geese travel from Canada to winter here. Shallow bottomed boats are sued to traverse the marsh and public land is easy to access.


If you are looking for good hunting opportunities abroad, Southern Saskatchewan ranks high among the best places to fish in North America. It’s a breeding area for almost all species of ducks and geese that travel down into the U.S. during winter. Permission from private landowners to hunt is usually forthcoming, and over 20 species can be taken.